About Release remanufactured printers

Our philosophy is to extend the life cycle of office technology devices

The remanufacturing process of the Release happens as follows:

  • testing, classification

  • disassembling of the device

  • deep cleaning

  • first quality control

  • refurbishing spare-parts and units

  • replacing spare-parts and units

  • assembling of the device

  • functional control

  • durability operation control

  • printing quality control

  • software installing

  • quality of aesthetics control

  • preparation for packaging

  • packaging

ReLease portfolio is containing the most cost effective office technology devices in a section of a given brand, and the price of these devices is just the fraction of the brand new ones with the same performance and equipment.

Please take a step closer to protect our environment and please try out this quality, offered by us.

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