Community participation

Social responsibility is not an empty phrase for ReLease Industries…
We care a lot about the environmental consciousness and we support the youth and adult sports event to make a better future and a healthier way of living. Until present times we supported sport events. We provided them printing technology devices to make a higher standard of the events.
We are convinced if a successful company would not like to meet the challenges of today and to fulfil the needs of the future generation cannot be present on the market.

Strengthening the environmental consciousness

As a responsible company we take care of the environment, thus we support the initiate of environmental consciousness and keep in mind the protection of the environment and the efficient energy use.

We are growing

Our company is off the beaten track with its supporting activity. We believe as a part of a whole we are not only more efficient in everyday’s work, but also we can be successful as a supporter, that is why our official distributors pull their weight and the community participation as well.

Supported events:

2014 ISU Figure-skating European Championship, Budapest
EMMI Triathlon Student Olympiad, Regional Contest of Category A and B in Pest-Fejér-Komárom County
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