Message from the CEO


The success of our company is based on two keystones:

  1. Environmental consciousness, value preservation thinking

  2. Cost-effective printing solutions



1. The world today is dominated by financial based services. As a result of this, durable goods are changing in a 3-6 years interval in our close surroundings.

A large amount of these devices are unexploited and got to the electronic waste by not used thoroughly.

Our goal is to save these office technology devices from being thrown out as a waste, remanufacture them through a carefully elaborated process, thus prolonging their life cycle and reducing the strain on the nature.

At least 85 percent of the components of these devices will be recycled. During the remanufacturing process we use environmental-friendly rectifiers and the package of the devices made of recycled materials.


Our company has ISO 9001 and 14001 certificate and does its everyday’s work by these norms.


2. Office technology manufacturers in the past decade (5 to 10 years), turned to develop cost-effective printing solutions supported by a software setting and proper systems, thus smaller periphery only improved less. That is why an old device of 5-6 years is totally equal in functionality with a brand-new one and can be integrated easily into a subsequent IT system.

It matters to us that planning a printing service and calculating the payback of it in a given time, how much the initial expenses of the projected peripherals on the output of the system will be, as well as the cost of the operation.


ReLease portfolio is containing the most cost effective office technology devices in a section of a given brand, and the price of these devices is just the fraction of the brand new ones with the same performance and equipment.

Please take a step closer to protect our environment and please try out this quality, offered by us.

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